Sequence Medium Earring Green & Purple

18K Pink Gold

This Dazzling Sequence Medium Earring Green & Purple is set on 18 carat pink gold with a rough Green Tourmaline, Tsavorite, and Diamonds. 

Clara Chehab fine jewellery celebrates the magic that is created when gifts from the earth are refined and transformed in the hands of master craftsmen and showcased in striking designs. The use of both rough and cut stones with a blend of captivating colours makes each piece unique. Each design is one of a kind.


7.55g, 18K Pink gold

0.23 Carats Diamond 

Rough Green Tourmaline and Amethyst 

CCG - E - GTATM - Single Earring Green Tourmaline Amethyst Tsavorite Moon 


The Gaia Collection

Gaia was conceived by Clara Chehab when she became a mother. Clara felt a connection that was stronger than ever to Mother Earth and wanted to honour her by creating those jewels. Her jewellery offers the opportunity to explore the emotional and energetic possibilities of colour while experiencing the beautiful mysteries of Mother Nature.

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