About Clara chehab

Parisian-born jewellery designer, Clara Chehab, is a traveller and global citizen at heart. With a childhood spent in both the French capital and the city of Beirut, Lebanon, she has travelled to and spent time in almost 60 countries!

As a young girl, Clara dreamt of working with jewellery. This passion was fuelled by childhood memories of visiting the goldsmith with her late grandmother to view their latest creations and always receiving a ring or necklace for special occasions and birthdays. It is these traditions that helped her develop a deep appreciation and love for aesthetic and beautiful pieces that evoke memories, reinforce familial bonds and deepen emotions.

After leaving the corporate world of banking in London, Clara returned to live in Beirut and could no longer ignore her passion for jewellery and her desire to create, and so she took a leap and followed her passion.

As a designer of her own range, Clara hopes to create memorable pieces that will become part of her clientele’s own life stories. Her enchanting designs connect with the deep colours and unique textures of the gemstones she works resulting with in timeless and romantic keepsakes, set against a backdrop of different alloys of 18-carat gold.

Key to her work, Clara wants women to feel powerful, connected to the beauty they have within when they wear her jewellery. Strong stones, soft designs and rich colours that spark joy result in pieces that are sensual, dramatically unique and epitomise femininity. More than anything she hopes clients will see life and love reflected in each piece she creates.

As a woman who is proud of her Lebanese heritage, Clara upholds tradition by supporting local artisans who employ knowledge and skills passed on from generations before. In so doing, having a positive impact and giving back to local families and their ability to provide during difficult socio and economic times. Her appreciation of these often third or fourth generation masters is an intrinsic part of every piece, as these artisans’ talents shape the stones and weave their timeless tales into new stories.

Influenced by various art trends, by precious memories from her travels, and by Clara’s feelings as a mother, Clara Chehab designs are an ode to the poetic asymmetry of stones, to the amazing creations of Mother Nature and to the beauty of humanity itself, in all of its contrasts.

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Clara Chehab Fine Jewellery employs a handful of third-and fourth-generation artisans in Beirut to bring Clara’s inspirational designs to life.

As a proud international designer with Lebanese roots, Clara is passionate about upholding cultural traditions, preserving ancient skills passed on from generations before and investing in the local community and providing work for those affected by trying economic times in the country.

Each jewellery piece is manufactured in a workshop that is visible from the retail store floor, giving clients a view of the delicate and intricate work involved -from creating the prototype to the setting and the final polishing -using both age-old and modern techniques. With great focus on detail and perfection, each piece tells the story of the master craftsman as his talents blend with the timeless tales of the stones themselves.

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Sustainability, social responsibility and keeping the planet viable for future generations are key to the values of Clara Chehab Fine Jewellery.

All designs are crafted from recycled gold, while the made-to-order business model ensures that waste is kept to a minimum.

All gemstones are sourced from ethical sources. In doing so, Clara Chehab Fine Jewellery is confident that environmental and safety practices have been adhered to and that, where possible, mining operations have had social benefits for surrounding communities and local economies.

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