Amour Chain Bracelet Green

18K Pink Gold

This Unique Chain Bracelet is set on 18k pink gold with Rough Peridot and Diamonds.

Inspired by the birth of her baby Girl, Clara Chehab introduces her second collection, Sienna. Continuing the high level of intricate craftsmanship and Clara’s love of gems in natural forms, Sienna focuses on the candy-esque tumbled stones mixed with faceted gems and diamonds.

Clara Chehab’s pieces are handmade by our craftsmen in Beirut. Each piece is unique. Clara Chehab uses rough stones which means every piece will be slightly different from the other. Moreover, carat weight might differ from one piece to another. 


10.10g, 18K Pink Gold

0.40 Carats Diamond

Rough Peridot

Reference: CCS-B-SPD